My Morning Prayer For Our Church.

This morning as I had breakfast, I sat and thought about the people of The District Church. I'm so thankful for the people we get to serve and lead. Just about two years ago, 12 people would meet in our living room. Now a little over 200 people gather every Sunday to worship Jesus and serve one another. It is humbling. But here's the more humbling's the types of people who call our church home. I love standing in the back of our building and looking at the landscape of our people. 

People who are starting their careers. 
People who have literally nothing but hope. 
People who have been highly successful and wealthy. 
People who are single parents. 
Young professionals doing residencies at area hospitals. 
Creatives doing amazing work in our city. 
Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.
People who have been in church longer than I've been alive. 
People who have walked back into church for the first time in years. 
People who are getting a second chance through the gospel. 
People who are dealing with severe areas of depression. 
People dealing with their sexual sin and finding freedom. 
People who have been missionaries in other countries. 
People who are trying to figure out if they want to believe in Jesus.
People who are new parents. 
People from the city. 
People from the suburbs. 
People from the country. 

It is a great joy. 

While there are so many things that would and could keep us from not engaging one another, my hope and prayer is that Jesus would unite our church more firmly upon the reconciling and uniting work of Jesus and his prayer for the church. 

Lastly, the photo you see above, I took during our 11:00 gathering during our singing time in Kid District. My prayer is that our kids grow up in a diverse community where Jesus unites them and they aren't divided by race, economic status, social standing, or any thing else that would divide them. I pray that instead, we as their parents and grandparents would build a church for them.  

- Pastor Boyd