You Have a Place and Purpose Here

Sunday, we began part 4 of our First Corinthians Sermon Campaign, A Place And Purpose. Pastor Boyd shared the big idea for the next several weeks: “You have a place and a purpose here.”  Pastor Boyd posed this question as we looked at First Corinthians 12,

What could happen if you understood that God designed and created you with gifts, talents, and gave you a purpose to do something bigger than yourself? 

7 Takeaways From The Sermon 

  1. We are united in Christ. 
  2. If Jesus saved you, He called you to ministry.
  3. Everyone is uniquely gifted. 
  4. We can find value and dignity in the fact that God has uniquely gifted us for His greater purpose. 
  5. God is a God of order, so He purposed you to serve and bring Him glory. 
  6. Everyone is valued and needed.
  7. You are never just a volunteer at The District Church, because without you we couldn't do this. 

Questions for application this week

  • Why is it such a challenge for us to grasp the idea of having a purpose and a place? 
  • How does the Gospel transcend our relationships? How have you seen this expressed in your community group and in our church? Why is this Gospel truth, so valuable? 
  • Read 1 Corinthians 12:14-20. Paul wanted the Corinthians to understand everyone is uniquely gifted by God. Why has this truth been a challenge in your life personally? How are we to respond according to verses 18-20?
  • Pastor Boyd warned us to never say, “I’m just a volunteer.” Why did he warn against this mindset? Now read through 1 Corinthians 12:21-26; what biblical truth is Paul explaining to the Corinthians and us?