Sunday Takeaways 11/16/14


  • Christianity does not start and stop on Sunday. 
  • We do not do missions, we are on mission. 
  • Spiritual gifts are sometimes abused, weird, or even ignored. 
  • Spiritual gifts are given for the purposes of edification, not self-gratification. 
  • Spiritual gifts are for communal purposes not private. 
  • Spiritual gifts are for one purpose: advancing the gospel through the local church. 


  • How are spiritual gifts & talents different? 
  • How can viewing spiritual gifts for primarily personal purposes serve to be damaging yourself & to the detriment of others? Read 1 Corinthians 12:7 
  • Spend a few moments sharing of how someone has impacted you through faithfully using their spiritual gifts. How could you serve them in return? Could or would anyone say the same about you? 
  • What is preventing you from stewarding your gifts for the good of others & the glory of God?