Your Purpose and Place Are Determined By Love

Sunday, we completed part 4 of our First Corinthians Sermon Campaign, A Purpose And Place. Pastor Boyd preached from 1 Corinthians 13 and clarified for us the true definition of love and the actions required by us as image bearers of Jesus. 

9 Takeaways From The Sermon 

  • Without love: our gifts and works are nothing.
  • Love does what God is. 
  • Love outlasts our short existence. 
  • Spiritual maturity leaves your childish ways behind. 
  • We are called to have the deepest love for Him, His authority in our lives, and embody the love of Jesus by our actions. 
  • Knowledge, faith, sacrifice are all nothing without love for Jesus and others.
  • It is good that you have gifts, but if the common ground is not love then they are worthless.
  • Our society has cheapened the definition of love.
  • Without love our gifts and works are nothing.