Five Reasons I Am So Excited about #EVEEVEJAX

After yesterday's celebration of Thanksgiving and everyone now in full swing for Christmas, we are officially 25 days away from Christmas Eve Eve! Here are a couple reasons why I am so excited:

1. Five years ago, I took this photo on The Florida Theatre stage, and to see this come to reality is humbling! 


2. I get to share the good news about Jesus on the same stage that Elvis was watched by Judge Marion Gooding, to ensure that Presley’s body movements would not become too suggestive!

3. We are expecting our largest attended gathering ever for our church. It’s my hope for our church to see a glimpse of what could be happening every week. 

4. The opportunity to have our friends that don’t know Jesus hear about the greatest news of all time! 

5. The opportunity to launch, what I hope, will be a city wide tradition for our city during the Christmas season for years to come. 

We can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks! Make sure to take time over the next couple weeks and invite your co-works, neighbors, friends, and family. Here are a couple social media images you can us online.