Gospel Cohorts

Peppermint Mocha’s are on the horizon, joyous music will be ringing from our iPhones and favorite coffee shop speakers, and the hope for snow to visit the sunshine state ensues again (it’s been over 20 years since snow visited Florida). There’s an undeniable tension that builds as we anticipate the arrival of the Christmas season. It’s really just around the corner and let’s be honest, it’s super exciting and at The District Church we are too! Christmas Eve Eve at The Florida Theatre is going to be an awesome opportunity to serve our city and share the story of Christmas with those who have no hope, but our excitement simply does not stop there, we are excited about Gospel Cohorts.

Gospel Cohorts will be a new aspect of our discipleship strategy moving into 2015 at The District Church. Community Groups have played a significant role in the life of The District Church. We have heard countless stories from our Community Groups of people meeting Jesus, growing to be more like Jesus, serving one another, and ultimately growing together as a family within the larger context of our church. Community Groups have been a huge WIN, but we wanted to create another environment for discipleship, which has led to establishment of Gospel Cohorts.

There are two reasons behind establishing Gospel Cohorts. First, after talking with numerous Christians, the census was this: their most meaningful, spiritual, and sanctifying moments since they started following Jesus came in groups of 3-4 people. Honestly, it seems like a no brainer, especially considering no one shares their struggles or secrets with groups of 10-20 people. It does not happen on purpose, we are merely not wired that way. Secondly, Jesus modeled it for us. Jesus discipled 12 dudes, but He was extremely close with 3 of them. Jesus showed us discipleship in groups of 3-4 people affords greater opportunities to strengthen relational ties with both God and His people. 

Gospel Cohorts are disciple communities that joyfully respond to the message of the Gospel through confession, repentance, and engaging in the mission of Jesus. Gospel Cohorts will be gender based, made up of 3-4 people who will walk together for a season. They will exist for multiplication purposes. The cohorts are not a club, nor a mere bible study, but serve a bigger purpose: being disciples that make disciples. Our expectations are big, because our God is. Jesus sent the disciples out to make disciples, and we ourselves are the by-product of their faithful obedience to His command. Gospel Cohorts are an opportunity for our people of The District Church to carry out the vision and mission Jesus has entrusted us with. We are excited about what’s on the horizon with Gospel Cohorts, and hope that you are too! If you are interested, please sign up for cohorts launching in February of next year.