How Financial Peace University Changed Our Family

Today we have a guest blog post form Ronnie and Danielle Owen, who are hosting Financial Peace University starting in Jan 2015. They have been a huge part of our church this last year. Here’s why they are passionate about this: 

Danielle and I have always been givers and we thought we were good stewards of our money. We assumed because we gave, God would take care of us and that we deserved to have nice things. This led us to make poor decisions with our money, decisions that are normal and typical in today's society. Tired of debt and bills controlling our finances, instead of us controlling our finances, we realized we needed a change. 

Finding Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University was the spark we needed to begin our journey to being debt free and making wise investments for the future. We are able to see that by applying Biblical principles and self-control to our finances, we are set free to give and live like no one else! We are free to be used however God leads. 

Financial peace has also been a catalyst for our marriage. By working together to take control of our finances it has blessed our relationship. We are closer than ever and stronger as a family. Financial Peace University is more than a class about biblical finances; it's about building character and leaving a legacy for future generations. 

The 9-week class will be facilitated by Ronnie Owen beginning January 13th. It will meet on Tuesdays at 7:30pm at The District HQ, 2650 Rosselle Street #3. The cost is $93 per family. Click the link below for more information and to sign-up.