Looking Forward To 2015!

Five things I’m excited about for quarter one of 2015

1. Redemption Campaign. We are going to look at the story of Moses and the Exodus event and see how it pointed to the greatest redemption story of Jesus over our sin, shame, and guilt. 

2. 21 days of Fasting. On, January 11th - 31st, we’ll be fasting and praying for God’s leadership, provision, and life change. Each year as a church, we do a 21 day emphasis on prayer. This year, we will be doing a church wide Daniel Fast. Next week we’ll provide you with all the resources you’ll need to prepare for the fast.  

3. The Gospel Centered Life. On February 4th, we’ll start a nine-week campaign walking through the entirety of the gospel. In our city, people have assumed the gospel, but have made it no more than a simple prayer so they can go to heaven. I’m excited to unpack for us as a church how the gospel not only saves us from our sin, but sustains and sanctifies us daily.  We’ll be using this book in our Community Groups and Gospel Cohorts to further our study. 

4. Community Groups and Gospel Cohorts. With the launch of The Gospel Centered Life campaign, we’ll kick off our Groups and Cohorts again! If you are interested in leading or hosting a Community Group or Gospel Cohort, touch base with Jeth Looney. He’s got a bootcamp planned for January for some training and vision for 2015. 

5. Growing in 2015. I really believe that at some point in 2015 we’ll be averaging around 300+ people. My hope is that more people will hear the gospel, become disciples, and get engaged with the mission of Jesus to our city. I’m praying that our church will be more focused on people in our city that are without Jesus.

With all that we are expecting God to do, we all need to be prepared for some constant changes and flexibility. A church of 300+ people will bring some changes. I’m proud of the way you have adapted through each stage of growth we’ve experienced so far!  My hope is that Christmas Eve Eve was just a glimpse of what could be happening every week at our church. Honored to be your pastor and I’m praying for you this week as you close out 2014. 

Your Pastor, 

Boyd Bettis