The Creative Collective

The District Creative Collective is a collection of artists, singers, photographers, videographers, crafters, and creators of our church united to use and leverage their gifts to showcase the stories of what Jesus is doing in and through our church. 

The Creative Collective is responsible for Story Telling. We want to be able to put everything that happens at our church into a story format that captures the attention of many; to be on display in a relatable medium that people from all walks of life and backgrounds can relate to. 

God is the greatest artist of all time. His workmanship is beyond our ability, but through his gifts to us he's created us with creativity. 

We are excited for this new community of people to come together, and for what Jesus is going to do through them! Join us for our first night together on September 23rd at 7pm. We are meeting at The District HQ at 2650 Rosselle Street.