Redeeming My Singleness


1 Corinthians 7:6-9; 32-38 - Sermon Recap 

Sunday, we continued with Part II of First Corinthians, “Sex, Marriage, and Singleness: Redeeming My Singleness.”  In chapter 7, Paul encouraged the Corinthian Christians about how to view their singleness and how it can be redeemed. Paul showed the Corinthians how being single was an opportunity not an obstacle. 

Pastor Boyd shared three cultural views on singleness: celebrated, discouraging, or pitied. These 3 dysfunctional views on singleness are rooted in an identity issue and desperately need to be redefined. Pastor Boyd encouraged us to see how to redeem your singleness according to how Paul exhorted the church of Corinth. 

Being Single Is A Gift. [7:6] Paul wants us to see singleness as a provision of God’s grace. Singleness is a gift that affords us an opportunity to grow more in our identity in Christ. This may be for a season or a lifetime, but none the less, it is a gift from God.  Live a life informed of being a good steward of this gift. 

Perks Of Being Single. [7:32-35] Pastor Boyd then shared from the text how there is a tremendous weight involved being married. Singleness allows certain freedoms to enjoy: freedom from the anxieties of married life, free to be anxious about the things of the Lord, and free to give undivided devotion to the Lord. 

Keep Your Passions In Check Or Get Married. [7:36-38] Paul wraps up by encouraging the Corinthians, if they cannot maintain holiness to pursue marriage. If sexual passions are high, they would not be curbed by marriage. Pastor Boyd clarified that sin and idolatry problems of a single person are only magnified when two people get married. Simply stated, who you are at your worst and best are magnified in marriage.

The bottom line is that your identity is not rooted in your singleness or your un-singlesness; it can only be found in Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that your highest joy would be found in your relationship with Jesus. We pray that you would find comfort in the way that Jesus pursues you.