8 Takeaways from 'Redeeming My Singleness'

  1. Being single does not give you your identity. Only Jesus can give you your identity.
  2. Don’t romanticize dating.
  3. Keep your sexual purity in check as well as your EMOTIONS. 
  4. Don’t date just to be with someone.
  5. Stop dating if the relationship is not headed towards marriage.
  6. Don’t take the relationship so seriously. You are in no legal nor spiritual obligation. Build a strong friendship and pursue romance later when you get married. 
  7. When pursuing a potential husband and wife, ask yourself: does this person love Jesus, is there agreement on our future, can I be this person’s best friend? And is the perk we get to have sex? Then move forward or stop the relationship.
  8. It’s better to be single and lonely than married and lonely.