Groups&Cohorts Meet and Greet

We are just days away from our groups launching back at The District Church. For those who have already had the opportunity to participate in a Community Group, I’m sure you are excited to jump back in. While for many who are new to The District Church, this will be their next step in growing as a disciple of Jesus through joining a Community Group or Gospel Cohort!

I would like to extend an invite to you to join us for our Groups Meet & Greet this coming Sunday following our gathering at The District Church HQ.


You might be asking yourself the question, “Who needs to attend the Groups Meet & Greet?” 

The Groups Meet & Greet is for anyone who has signed up for a Gospel Cohort or anyone who has not joined a Community Group. Our Groups Meet & Greet will be a connection point for people, so they can have an opportunity to meet with their Community Group Leaders and Gospel Cohort Facilitators. Lastly, we will be sharing how groups fit into the discipleship process of The District Church.

We are excited to see you there, and to launch Groups and Cohorts for 2015!