21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

Every year, our church starts with a 21 day prayer and fasting initiative. We want to seek God’s plan and heart for our church for 2015. This year, we’ll be praying specifically each day and partaking in a Daniel Fast. The fast is based on Daniel 1, where he refused to eat the king's food and only ate fruits and veggies. We will be doing a partial fast, beginning Sunday, January 11th at 6pm and ending Saturday, January 31st at 6pm.

A couple key thoughts:

1. What exactly is fasting?
Biblical fasting is when we simply deny ourselves of food for the sake of seeking God. We do not fast to get something from Him, but we fast in order to know Him more and see our need for Him and for repentance. We are fasting to align our hearts and minds with Him, not sacrifice something to manipulate God. 

2. Focus more on prayer and God vs. what you are giving up
Fasting is not a time to grumble or complain about not eating meat, drinking coffee or not having sugar. It’s a time for you to restrain yourself from something to refocus your life on Jesus (2 Chronicles 20:3; Acts 14:23). 

3. Join with others for shared meals and fellowship
During the 21 days, you’ll probably adjust your eating and rhythms. Take some extra effort to join with others for a shared meal and prayer time. Get to know some people from our church you might not know all too well (Acts 2:42; 46).

4.  Further your reading about the Daniel Fast and fasting