Changes to Response Time on Sundays

Pastor Jeth and I have been praying and talking through for some time some upcoming changes to how we facilitate our response time during our worship gatherings. We've been in discussion about how and why we wanted to make some changes since January of this year. 

We believe that one of the most important times during our gathering is directly after the preaching. It's in those moments we want our people to have time to reflect and respond to what God might be leading people to do in response to the Gospel. Starting November 1st, we are going to be modifying a few things in our worship gathering. Here's an overview, of some of the changes: 

1. Offer communion weekly vs. once a month
2. Move to giving boxes/stations vs. passing offering buckets
3. Have people available each week for prayer and counseling 

Here's how this will begin to look: Directly after the preaching we will pray and give people a few options of how they can respond:

1. Communion: Our response in repentance and celebration of the sacrificial work of Jesus on our behalf. Communion is a sacrament of the church given to us by Jesus. We typically have done communion once a month, for no reason other than logistics of when we started the church. We feel as we head into this next season, that moving it to weekly can potentially serve people better. 

2. Giving: we will no longer be passing buckets row to row (there will be some weeks or times that we'll do this still), but on a regular Sunday we'll have boxes available where you can drop your tithes and offerings in. We are even looking into a digital option for those of us whom don't know what a check is because it's 2015. 

3. Prayer: I'm most excited about this part. We really believe that as people bring their burdens to God through prayer it changes things. We want to better serve people through prayer. On Sundays during our response time, we'll have staff and leaders available to pray with people, help you understand the Gospel, and serve you.  

Honored to be your pastor and looking forward to what Jesus continues to do! 

Pastor Boyd Bettis