12 Days of Prayer Leading to Eve Eve

Dec 11 - We are 12 days away from Christmas Eve Eve.  Over the next several days, we will pray specifically for what God is going to do that evening. Please join us as we pray expectantly.

Dec 12 - Tonight our band is rehearsing for Eve Eve. Pray for them as they prepare their hearts, minds, and abilities to lead us in worship for the evening.

Dec 13 - It’s Sunday, and as Pastor Boyd is preaching this morning, be praying for him as he prepares to preach about the Hope of Christmas on Eve Eve. Pray for clarity of mind and for the Holy Spirit to speak clearly through him.

Dec 14 - Today, pray for our staff and volunteers as they prepare the final logistics for Christmas Eve Eve. The preparation put into this night is all in anticipation that God is going to do great things.

Dec 15 - One of the greatest ways we can impact our city is through serving our schools. Pray for the offering that will be given on Eve Eve, for people to give generously and gladly and that we will reach our goal of $20,000.

Dec 16 - Today, we are praying or the staff and students at Lee High School. We meet there every Sunday, yet most of us are completely unaware of the issues of generational sin that these students are dealing with. Pray for them today and their teachers as they lead and serve them.

Dec 17 - West Riverside Elementary is one of the most ethnically diverse schools in our city. Pray for the staff as they serve this diverse group of students and parents. Pray for opportunities for the Gospel to work through them and our partnership with the school.

Dec 18 - Today, we are praying for the students at Ruth Upson Elementary that are caught in a cycle of poverty. Pray that through our partnership with them, many students will break the cycle.

Dec 19 - Central Riverside Elementary is right down the street from our offices. We've had the opportunity to meet parents as they pick their children up from school and hear parts of their stories. Pray for the Gospel to be at work in that school.

Dec 20 - Through the offering taken at Eve Eve, you will have the opportunity to change thousands of students' lives. Pray for those that will be impacted by the generosity of our city through the Eve Eve offering. 

Dec 21 - Around 100 volunteers will be serving Wednesday night at Eve Eve. Pray for the people who will serve that night, that God will use them to interrupt other’s lives with love.

Dec 22 - We are 1 day away! We know that God is going to do great things tomorrow night. Today, pray expectantly as you anticipate a great night tomorrow! 

Dec 23 - Tonight’s the night long awaited and prayed for! People from all over our city will be gathering to hear the Good News of Jesus. Pray for people that will be at Christmas Eve Eve to find Hope tonight.