All Hands On Deck

District Church Family! 

I hope you are having a great week! It’s been chaos in our offices and a great joy seeing our team getting ready for our #movetolee. You’ve got some great leaders and volunteers who love you and are doing their best to help serve your friends and family that you are inviting to church each week! 

I want to give a challenge of five things we are looking for in our next season of ministry. 

1. Join a Serve Team

One of the greatest ways to get to know people is by joining a serve team! Every week 40+ people serve in some capacity. When we move to Lee HS, we’ll have around 80-100 people serving every week! 

2. Invest and Invite

Be praying and asking God, “Who are the people in my life that need hope?” Take some steps to reach out to people and invite them into your lives and to come with you to church! 

3. Give Generously 

If you haven’t contributed towards our goal of raising $40,000 please consider what you might be able to contribute! Every dollar is being invested into our Kids and serving people better during our Sunday Gatherings. 

4. Pray For Our City

As we launch at Lee, we’ll have an opportunity to serve more people! I’m excited to kick off our new campaign called “A City We Love.” Our hope is to be a church in our city that is a blessing to the city of Jacksonville. 

5. Be Flexible 

There is going to be a lot of things that will change once we get to Lee HS! It’s ok! It’s a part of growth. I’m asking that we all continue with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and see that relocating is a huge blessing and opportunity for as a church! 

For the next six months we are asking for our volunteers and regular attenders to have an ‘All Hands on Deck mentality and to play a role in this move! If you are ready to take a next step you can do so right now! 

Your Pastor,

Boyd Bettis