Invest and Invite

I recently told a friend in our church how I thought it was awesome that she was always inviting her clients to our church. She cuts hair and has numerous of opportunities to listen and serve her clients as she cuts their hair! She gets it! She sees daily opportunities in her everyday life to live on mission. Here’s a message I received from her the other day in response: 

My dad has never been a Christian or ever gone to church. I invited him a ton growing up and he never came. He finally came whenever I got baptized and he liked it, and he normally dislikes anything related to religion. That was a huge eye-opener for me that District has really become a home. The Sunday I was baptized was my favorite day ever for so many different reasons. Ever since then I believe anyone and everyone should experience the love and comfort The District Church has to offer. God is really doing big things in Jacksonville and at The District Church and I'm stoked to be a part of it.” 

I just want to encourage you to reach out to people you see on a regular basis and invite them to do life with you. As you get opportunities to share the good news about Jesus with them, invite them to join you for community group, and/or to come to church with you one Sunday! There are opportunities every single day for you to invest into others. 

Your Pastor,

Boyd Bettis