It's Hot As Lee

It’s Hot as Lee. 

Good afternoon church family. I hope you all are having a great week thus far! Wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple things that are happening since we’ve moved to Lee:

We’ve been working diligently with the staff at Lee High School and DCPS. It’s been a little bit of a process to get things consistent with the AC, just know that your staff and some key volunteers are doing everything they can to get things normalized. Thank you for your patience and commitment. 

In the meantime, just continue to remember we are only two years into our church’s history and these few months should not cause us to grow weary, but strengthen our church’s leadership front and drive to see more disciples made! A few years from now we’ll be able to look back and laugh at the memories we are making together. 

Let me challenge you to remain flexible and adaptable. We need everyone person who calls The District Church home to keep your hands to the plow as we labor in the Gospel together. We can’t allow distractions outside of our control to distract us from our mission of making disciples.

When things aren’t ideal, we get to really see Jesus move on our behalf. 

Love you guys and honored to be your pastor. 

Pastor Boyd Bettis