5 Ways to Live Devoted to Mission

On Sunday, Pastor Jeth talked about the identity of the New People being rooted in Living Devoted to Mission. In a previous post, we learned that mission should be indigenous, informed, and intentional. Mission should not feel like a chore, but rather be a great joy that happens in everyday life.

5 Easy Ways to Live Devoted to Mission 

  1. Eat dinner with a neighbor. Meals naturally foster conversation and afford opportunities to build relational ties. 
  2. Show hospitality in the workplace. Seriously, no one has ever complained about brownies in the break room or 12 pack of coke in the fridge. Leave a note encouraging everyone the weekend will be here soon! 
  3. Take your kids to the park. Every parent wants their kids to go bed when they are told, so why not take them to the park to help. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents. 
  4. Walk your dog. Spend the early evening walking your dog in the neighborhood, so you meet new people. 
  5. Rally people to be generous. People love to be generous and are looking for opportunities. Leverage that to make a difference and develop a new friendships. Find out where there are needs within your community and really your neighbors or co-workers around it. 
We have a great opportunity for us to rally together to be generous to the students at Lee High School this week! The Impact of U is an organization that is putting on a food and clothes drive for the students in need at Lee. Visit Pastor Boyd's post, Serving Lee, to find out how you can help this Sunday!

These are 5 simple ways that you can be intentional with every week as you live on mission. We'd love to hear other ideas you have or ways you are living devoted to mission in your neighborhoods, workplaces, and third spaces.