How To Prepare For Sunday, 5.24.15

We are continuing with week 2 of The Start of a Movement this Sunday! Pastor Boyd is preaching from Acts 3:1-26, where we see the lame beggar healed by God and cause a major interruption in the lives of everyone who saw it happen, then Peter using the opportunity to preach the Gospel to all who witnessed.

How to Pray: God, thank you for working and manifesting Yourself through our efforts. Holy Spirit help us to rely and fully submit to Your authority. May we tell our story of salvation with joy and gladness to others. 

What We Are Singing 

Every Sunday when we gather as the church, we sing songs that are to and about Jesus, as we seek to proclaim His truths and glorify Him through song. 

Serving Lee

The next 2 weeks, we are collecting items for a food and clothes drive for the students in need at Lee High. This is a great opportunity for us to live on mission and serve our city! This Sunday, bring with you: clothes, shoes, book bags, nonperishable food items, and toiletries as we serve the students of our school.