What I'm reading right now.

Good Afternoon Church! Pastor Jeth and I want to start something new on our church blog. From time to time we'll share with you what books, music, and articles we are currently reading and listening to. We hope you'll find this as an encouragement and some good recommendations for you guys as you look for reading material and music to listen to! 

Here's what I'm currently reading through:

LEADING WITH A LIMP - By Dan B. Allender, Phd

This book was suggested by my good friend, Pastor Matt Jensen, who is the lead pastor at The Image Church, just down the street from us. This book is a must read for anyone who aspires for leadership. 

"Leaders choose daily, but the real weight on their shoulders lies in the need to decide. And there are no easy decisions. To decide requires death, a dying to a thousand options, the putting aside of a legion of possibilities in order to choose one....A good leader will, in time, disappoint everyone. Leadership requires a willingness to not be liked, in fact, a willingness to be hated. But it is impossible to lead people who doubt you and hate you."

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CHURCH MEMBERSHIP - By Jonathan Leeman

I've been reading this book as I've be planning our upcoming Membership Class. One of the most misunderstood and often the most ignored part of the local church is membership. I love this quote by Pastor Matt Chandler, about what being in a covenant relationship with the local church looks like: 

"Church membership is a covenantal relationship. It means we don't push away from the table. It means, "You've offended me, and let's work that out in a brotherly way. You've sinned against me, so let's handle this in a way that's distinctively Christian."

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A couple other books on my table right now I'm reading through are:

Christ + City by Jon M. Dennis
From Concept to Scale by Steve Graves, Dave Blanchard, Josh Kwan