An Able and Strong Back.


Good morning, I hope you are doing well! I wanted to offer a word of challenge and encouragement. Each week we have the opportunity to transform Lee High School into a place for our church to gather for worship, preaching and serving people. 

Here’s where we are as a church, we are in a season where this is our reality: We have no ability for a permanent facility; it’s not financially possible nor logistically. So we can choose to either embrace and realize this is how church is going to be for a while or we can flee from it. I’m thankful for the many men and women who serve faithfully and selflessly each week to make our Sunday Gatherings happen. 

But, I want to challenge the men who have not taken a step in leadership and contributing to the Setup or Breakdown Team to consider taking a small step of ownership of the ministry of this church. 

  • Setup and Breakdown is more than just physical labor; it’s ministry. Each week, we get to create a space for our people and guests to come hear the Bible preached, gather for the worship of Jesus, and serve families who bring their children. 
  • As a man, being a part of setup and breakdown demonstrates strong leadership to your wife. I really believe that when your wives and future spouses see you joyfully and gladly serving in setup and breakdown, it models for them leadership like Jesus. 
  • As a man, being a part of setup and breakdown serves the women in our church. This is my biggest point of conversation, we have many women who serve on these teams. They are capable and strong! But, I think it ought to be to our shame as men when we see them doing a job on Sunday that we are capable of doing for them. 
  • As a man, being a part of setup and breakdown builds stronger bonds with the church family. One of the greatest joys of the team is the bond they have built. Working and sweating together creates a more tight knit church community.  
  • As a man, being a part of setup and breakdown builds you up in discipline of self-control and selfless leadership. As a man, training yourself to have the discipline to wake up early and stay late will build your spiritual disciplines on how to model self-control and selfless leadership. 

This week, I want to challenge every man who has an able and strong back to consider how you can demonstrate selfless leadership to the greater church body. Let us allow and serve our wives and our sisters in the faith to not carry the burden on Sunday with the heavy lifting. Men here’s your challenge to die to yourself and serve. 

Love you and honored to be your pastor. 
Pastor Boyd