How To Prepare for Sunday, 6.21.15

Sunday, we will continue in Acts 5 with The Start of A Movement. As we will look at the story of Ananias and Sapphira, we will see a very distinct difference from the generous church in Acts 4. We will instead find a sinful giver, who wanted prestige not generosity. We will learn how greed will manifest itself when we think we own or deserve what we have, but that the gospel frees us from our deepest areas of sin and depravity.

How to pray: God thank you for being faithful to deal with sin. Holy Spirit enable us to operate in a spirit of honesty. Help us to live obediently to You and not the opinion of others. 

What We Are Singing

Worship is our response to God, for His Grace, Mercy, and our Salvation. In our response we sing, we pray,  and we surrender ourselves to him.

You can listen to what we will be singing together on Sunday as you prepare to join us as we worship Jesus together.