How To Prepare for Sunday, 6.28.15

This week, we are concluding The Start of a Movement. The church continues to see growth. Many signs and wonders were done through the hands of the apostles leading to favor among people. The growth of the church was met with resistance. The high priest arrested apostles for Gospel ministry; yet they rejoiced.

Read: Acts 5:16-42

How To Pray: God thank you for giving us the wisdom and strength to obey You no matter the circumstances. We are weak, but you are strong. Holy Spirit give us faith in times of persecution and hardship to trust the Father. 


Worship is a part of our identity. It's not just a Christian thing, but it's a people thing. What sets us apart as Christians is the trajectory of our worship as disciples of Jesus. Therefore, it's not just something that we do, but it's the essence of who we are as image bearers of Jesus. 

Earlier this week, our Worship and Creative Director Joshua Wicker posted a blog Our Place In Worship. As you prepare for our worship gathering this Sunday, we'd encourage you to read it as you set your heart and mind on Jesus.