Disciples That Make Disciples

We've recently been making some changes to some of our church's philosophy of ministry. If you are familiar with our Gather, Serve, Give and Lead vocabulary, we are going to be giving it a little change. As we consider why The District Church exists and what we want people to be doing, we've summarized it into some new phrases. 

The District Church exists to make disciples
by interrupting people's lives with love,
because the gospel changes everything.

As we respond to the gospel we want to equip people to live out the following: 

  • Worship Jesus with all of life
  • Serve Selflessly
  • Give Generously and Gladly
  • Lead Others Faithfully
  • Train for Ministry
  • Live on Mission 

Worship is our identity as image bearers of God, and the above actions are our proper responses to the gospel change in our hearts. These are six things we want to be known for as a church. When we summarize what is a disciple that makes disciples, we believe these six things should be the essence of who we are not what we do. We'll be talking more about these values over the next several months.