Three Things About Church Membership.

With our upcoming Membership Class on June 28th, I wanted to share three things about why Church Membership is important: 

It's saying I'm committed to God’s Family: We are committed to ‘one another’ through joys, pain, difficulty, and we learn how the gospel helps us forgive, serve, and love one another. Family means I’m a contributor and servant, not a consumer or feel as if the church is here to meet all my needs. I gladly serve at the pleasure of my family.

It's say I'm committed to Gospel Partnership: We are committed to using our gifts, talents, time, and abilities to leverage our strengths to advance the gospel in our city. Partnership means you can count on me to be there when called upon. 

It's saying I'm committed to Personal Ownership: We are committed to seeing the church advance by taking personal ownership. It means we sacrifice, give our lives t,o and take ownership of the future of our church. Ownership means I’m not a renter or spectator, but I own the mission of the church heart and soul. 

Church Membership is not about perks or getting your name on a list, but it's about demonstrating maturity as a Christian. It's you and I living out our identity as disciples in partnership, accountability, and commitment to one another in covenant relationship.