Stories of God's Grace: Miscarriages and Community

"We have shared pain and sufferings, as well as joy and praise."

My wife, Christine, and I came to The District Church in January. Our desire was to jump in and immerse ourselves in serving and community group. At the beginning of the year, Christine and I went through a miscarriage. Pastor Boyd and several others surrounded us, encouraged us, and served us through this time. It was a beautiful picture of community.

Shortly after that, community groups started, and it wasn't long before we found that others in our group had been through very similar circumstances. We were able to weep with those who wept, while also being joyful with those in our group who were having kids. There has constantly been encouraging moments like these as we have journeyed through life together this year in Community Group. 

Phillip Hobbs, our community group leader, constantly challenges us to be real with one another on a weekly basis and as we continue to do that it has been amazing to see how people have opened up and shared some deep hurt. It has been so encouraging to see how God has brought them through that hurt and how He has used the Church to do it. We have shared pain and sufferings, as well as joy and praise. Through this, we are challenged to get outside of ourselves, serve our families and those around us, and to live on mission in our community. In being on mission, that also comes with being prepared for daily battle. A verse that has always shown me the importance of community is, Proverbs 24:6,

“for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.”

Jonathan and Christine Diggs