What I'm Reading Now

I love to read! My problem is deciding what not to read. This is especially important because as you will see I read a bunch of books at the same time. Some of these books will bore, while others will encouragement, but ultimately I hope they stir your affections for Jesus and His mission.  


I’m reading and studying through several books of the Bible right now. With our church moving through the book of Acts for the next year I have been researching extensively for group content and discussion time with Pastor Boyd and Josh. I highly recommend everyone to be reading along as we move through the book as a church; it’s seriously amazing to see how strategic our God is orchestrating events to bring Gospel advancement. 

I am also reading through Psalms and the book of Joel. Psalms is good for so many reasons, but one of those is how the psalmists focus on the different attributes of God’s character and expresses adoration to Him, which areas I need grow. The book of Joel is a book avoided often and tough read for even the mature Christian, but I always been intrigued by the minor prophets for some reason. Joel was a prophet to the Southern Kingdom (Judah) during the Persian Age (500 B.C). Joel’s message is much like the other prophets, “Get Right” or “Get Judged,” so it’s a book describing Judah’s continued unfaithfulness to their covenant with God. If you happen to venture into reading Joel I recommend the ESV Study Bible. The commentary is solid and available in digital format too. 


The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Witmer | Shepherds After My Own Heart by Timothy Laniak

Pastor Boyd and I have been talking about the biblical image "shepherd" in regards to pastoral ministry at The District Church for months. So we really have been trying to study and research the idea since we see in the New Testament it is one of the functional roles of Pastor and consistent imagery for God in all of Scripture. These books are for the nerds.


The Expository Genius of John Calvin by Steven Lawson 

John Calvin a name you can trust. John Calvin is one of the most quoted, esteemed theologians, and Bible preachers outside of the Scriptures. His ability to expose and expound the text of the Bible is truly genius. So if you like preaching or feel called to preach this book is for you. 


Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman

We just recently had a church membership class at The District Church and Pastor Boyd recommended reading this book. The author does an excellent job of explaining church membership and its role in the church. It’s an easy, short read and sheds a great bit of light upon church membership while clarifying common misconceptions. 


Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch 

Alan Hirsch is not an evangelical household name but really should be. He is one of the world’s forefront thinkers on missiology (mission and culture). He has really been challenging my thinking on living on mission and disciple-making the last couple months. I’m still working through the book, but I really like it and will probably read it again. 


Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood & Womanhood by Jonathan Parnell & Owen Strachan

As our society continues to make shifts in the areas of sexuality and marriage I’ve been wondering how to address it with my children as they start to see these things. I came across some articles on The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and found this free book. It’s been a great resource and has helped me begin to have conversations with my kids. It would be a great mistake not to disciple our children through addressing these culture issues. Our children need to know God created us in His image perfectly, while also distinctively unique. This book will provide wisdom and help guide through Scriptures on this subject.