Movement Leaders: A Great Opportunity to Invest and Invite.

Movement Leaders - Starting.jpg

On August 9th, I’ll start preaching through Acts 6-9. We’ll be looking at the lives of three different church leaders who God used in his story of redemption. I’m really excited about the themes and stories we’ll get to share throughout this campaign. We really believe that everyone has a story in God's story that’s greater and bigger than we’d imagine. 

I want to encourage you to start praying about who you’ll be investing in and inviting during this campaign. We have no idea the impact we can make by a simple invitation to church, but an even greater impact is you personally inviting people to meet Jesus. This means sharing the gospel with people in your life: family, neighbors, coworkers, and friends. 

So, as you pray consider a few things:
1. Who can you invite to church? 
2. Who can you share the gospel with?
3. Who are you going to invest your life and time into?

I’m looking forward to hearing stories of God’s grace through your willingness to live on mission and invest your life into others!

Pastor Boyd Bettis