Team Night!

We believe our proper response as disciples is to Serve Selflessly. That's why we value Serve Teams, and believe those who volunteer on our teams make it possible for the gospel to spread in our city. 

As we prepare for the fall, we are looking at some ways to spend more time together as Serve Teams outside of our Sunday Gatherings. Building community and planning/preparing for what Jesus is going to do through his church will allow us to be more effective in our roles. 

Next week, we are going to have the first of many Team Nights! These will serve as an opportunity to fellowship with our team members, for vision casting, and learning how to better serve the people we come in contact with in our volunteer roles! If you currently serve on one of our Sunday Teams or you are ready to take your Next Step and start serving, join us on one of the following nights: 

Each team will meet at 6:30pm at The District HQ

District Kids Team: Monday, August 3rd

Guest Services Team: Tuesday, August 4th

Band and Production Team: Wednesday, August 5th