MOVE UP Sunday

Summer break is over! I know it’s hard to believe! Hopefully it was a great time with your families and you are eager to start another school year. I wanted to take some time to share some important details regarding District Kids. Our hope and prayer is to partner alongside parents as you disciple your family. Therefore, we are excited about the next school year and how we can help serve you!

“MOVE UP” Sunday

On August 24, we will have “Move Up” Sunday. “Move Up” Sunday is where our preschool and elementary students move up to their next age or grade level. Children whose birthday is September 1st and before will move up to their new classroom, while those who have a birthday that falls after September 1st will remain in the same class this year. The exception to this will be if your child is moving up a grade in school. The District Kids classes we offer are:

  • Babies & Crawlers
  • Toddlers
  • 3-5 Yr Olds
  • Kindergarten- 2nd Grade 
  • 3rd-5th Grade

Involved in Discipleship

Every Sunday, our volunteers have the joy to teach children about Jesus. We cherish every opportunity Sunday brings because we only get an hour and a half to teach your children the truths of the scriptures. Thankfully, as a parent you get more time with your children and we want to invite you to be involved in the discipleship of them by knowing what they are learning about, so you can have conversations with them. Each month you can find home discipleship material to help you continue in conversation with your children about what they are learning on Sundays.