Four Priorities for Our Church

Last Sunday during our Mid-Year Review, I shared four priorities for our church as we move into the remainder of 2015. I shared Galatians 6:2, where Paul wrote, "Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Our theme for Mid-Year Review was "It's not about me", but that God has called us to lay our lives down in joyful obedience to image him to others. 

Here's a couple thoughts on each of those priorities:

Presence Matters More

Our presences matters more than we realize. I want everyone to consider that there is a great power in just being present. When you show up to church, it tells others that you value them. When you participate in Serve The City projects, your presence matters. When we show up to serve with a good attitude it affects others. Let's be faithful to being present.

Anticipate and Expect

We believe that God is pursuing every person to redeem them and give them new life. We are creating a culture of anticipation and expectancy that God is going to do something great in the lives of people every week! 

Invest and Invite

Leverage every opportunity to see God change lives through your investment into people and boldly inviting people to meet Jesus. We want to have a culture of courageous evangelism. Who are you investing in and inviting to meet Jesus and come to church with you?

Healthy Leaders

We are investing substantial amounts of time into developing healthy leaders. Our staff is constantly seeking ways to improve physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I believe these all work together. 

Pastor Boyd