Why are we talking about Biblical Manhood?

Pastor Jeth and I are excited to teach an eight-week intensive on biblical manhood. Here are a couple reasons for the focus on Biblical Manhood: 

1. Redefine what a man is and is not

Jesus is the standard of masculinity. He knew how to work with his hands, he loved children, he showed discipline, he exercised self-control, had a vision for the world, and served selflessly with laying his life down for many. We need to rewrite the ideology of what it means to be a man. Our desire is to have a strong, healthy, and vibrant culture of men who exhibit high character, take ownership of their lives, families, and the mission of Jesus.  

2. Create a bigger vision for life 

I’ve talked with so many men in our city that just lack a vision for their lives. So many are walking around aimlessly, or worse, are just flat out lazy. We need men to have life aspirations bigger then than their shoe size. We want the men of our church to be marked by godly ambitions and affections, to be husbands and fathers that lead well at home. Men who other men will want to imitate and follow. Men who are compelled to seek justice and fix what’s broken in our city. Men who won’t sit sidelined watching their lives waste away, but strap up their boots and put their hands to the plow. 

3. Serve the single women in our church 

We’ve had numerous conversations as a staff with the single women in our church. Many who are waiting for a godly man who will pursue and honor them. Many who desire for a man who will lead her spiritually and see her thrive. We need some godly men who will stop trying to sleep with their girlfriends, who won’t be lazy in their faith, and who will stop with weak excuses for their lives. 

4. Help men get out of adolescent entitlement 

Many men in their 20s and 30s have been jaded and wounded by not having godly fathers. The results of this are men who have an adolescent mindset about the world and have never grown up. Men who feel entitled but are really lazy and lack courage. Men who have deep wounds from their dads and haven’t dealt with them. Men who lack self-control and escape reality by pursuing pornography over pursuing a women with integrity and purity. 

It’s our heart to help shape the men in our church to be the example for other men to follow. May God raise up more and more men who will embrace the call of Biblical Manhood