How To Prepare For Sunday, 9.27.15

Movement Leaders

This Sunday, we’ll be looking at the conversion of Saul, whom we now call the Apostle Paul. His life and ministry is marked by some of the greatest ministry and suffering any preacher and church planter has experienced. His calling on his life was to suffering on behalf of Jesus for the Gentiles. Read Acts 9:1-31 to get ready for this Sunday.

Celebrating Baptism

Sunday, we get to celebrate with those who are being baptized! Baptism is the celebration of an individual who has received the saving benefits of Christ’s atonement work, thus becoming a disciple of Jesus. Baptism is an act of obedience, according to Christ’s command to the disciples prior to ascension. Additionally, baptism serves as a testimony to God, the church, and the world. We are excited to celebrate together!