Joining A Community Group

2016. Wow, it’s still strange to type that?! 2016 is here and it will usher in many new things. One of those we believe at The District will be joining a Community Group. 

By God’s grace, His mission advances through His people; we are sent ones (John 20:21-23). God graciously sent us to be vehicles of His grace and carriers of it. God sent us to live amongst people who have no hope, love, or peace. Our Community Groups gather with a focus of obeying what God has commissioned us for,“To Make Disciples” to a specific pocket of people. Every week, Community Groups gather together to enjoy a meal, pray, talk about Sunday’s sermon, and how we can better live on mission. 

Joining a Community Group is one of the best ways to move from the fringes of being just an attendee of The District Church to being a part of the family. Getting involved in a Group bears opportunities for people to experience relationships that will exhort, edify, and encourage. We all need a place where we can feel love, receive truth, and rely on others. Community Groups are a family that gathers as disciples, who are seeking to faithfully live as missionaries in this world. 

If this is your next step or you have further questions about Community Groups, please feel free to contact me at Our Community Groups will start back the week of January 10th. We are excited to have two new Community Groups starting in Riverside and Orange Park, please check our groups page to find one near you.