Samuel Mayo

At 7:30 this morning, Samuel will go through a major surgery that will lend a recovery process throughout the next year. At just ten weeks, Samuel does not yet know the woman his mother is, her love for Jesus, her child, the local church, and her obedience to the gospel. Samuel does not yet know the way his father loves and serves his family selflessly, his heart for giving, for loving others, his humble work-ethic, and his creativity. But, for most of us that call the District Church home, we know Brad and Meagan, and we love them dearly. As Brad and Meagan love and serve Samuel, we will continue to do the same. Join us as we support and serve their family through prayer and financial giving.

Through this season, we pray for peace, we pray for rest, and we pray the Spirit will be evident throughout their home and hospital rooms. We pray that many will come to know God through Samuel's story and that Meagan and Brad will continue to lead him and love him as God loves us.

Many of you have asked how to support the Mayos. Over the next week, we’ll collect a love offering for the Mayo family. You can give directly online by selecting "Mayos love offering" to help them with medical expenses.