Practical Next Steps For Core Values

During Sunday's sermon, we spent some time talking about our Core Values. As The District Church, these are how we respond to the gospel as disciples of Jesus. This week, spend some time learning these and taking them to memory. Then, spend some time in prayer and ask God which areas you need to respond to the gospel in. As we seek to be a church that is marked by unity, we all need to begin to adopt these values into our lives.

Worship Jesus with all of life


  • Start your day with spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible reading. You can read with our church through our preaching campaigns or find a great reading plan via the app on your phone.
  • Remind yourself of the gospel identity you’ve been given. Ask God to show you what you are placing your highest trust in and repent when it’s not God himself. 


  • Start the morning with a prayer of confession and repentance. Come prepared ready to serve and hear from God.
  • Bring a notebook and Bible. I know we tend to use our phones, but I’d encourage you to bring a paperback Bible. If you don't have one, stop by Next Steps on Sunday and our team would be happy to gift you one.
  • Learn the songs we’ll be singing during the week to prepare to worship Jesus together. Follow us on Spotify for a playlist of Sunday's songs.

Serves Selflessly 

  • Ask your spouse, kids, friends, and co-workers, "how can I serve you?" One of the easiest ways to start living out this value is simply by serving those around you daily.
  • Join a Serve Team: Being around a group of people committed to serving others is encouraging and you end-up ‘catching’ this more than being taught it.

Gives Generously and Gladly

  • Reorient your schedule to allow the margin to give your time away to others.
  • Start tithing; start somewhere. You can give online, on Sundays, or mail your gift to 1650-302 Margaret St. #126, Jax, FL, 32204.
  • Generosity can be planned for. Start a budget today.

Trains for Ministry

  • Spend time doing some self-assessment. What are my passions, my strengths, how has God gifted me? What are the ways I can use these in order to advance the gospel with my church family?
  • Take the Leadership Profile Assessment we’ve created and then follow up with one of our staff members to walk you through a process of coaching. 

Lives on Mission 

  • Who are your neighbors or co-workers you can begin doing life with? 
  • Who are people you can ask come “sit with me?"  Bring them to church or community group with you. 
  • Start sharing the good news with people about Jesus. 
  • Remind yourself that God has called you to be a missionary in our city. He sent you to Jacksonville for a reason: to bring good news to the people that He’s placed in your direct contact. Don’t ever forget that! 

Leads others Faithfully

  • Be consistent with your church attendance, participation with Community Groups, and Serve Teams. You don’t realize the impact of consistency over a long period of time, and what it can do in your life.
  • Plant some deep roots in our church and city by investing into people.
  • Lead yourself well. Prioritize your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health. You can't lead others if you aren’t healthy yourself. If you have some questions about this, email our team and we can send some recommendations on getting healthy.