Here As In Heaven 2016

If you missed our Worship and Vision night, I feel bad for you...but I'd like to share about where we are headed. I want to give you some handles in which we'll use to talk about how we are praying and responding to our prayer, "God let Your kingdom come and Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven." We believe that our church family ought to be a representation of heaven on earth through the people of our congregation praying and responding to God's leadership.

Four overarching areas for us:

Declaring the Gospel

  • Living a Gospel-centered life
  • Sharing the Gospel with our lost friends
  • Begging God to save people 

Demonstrating humility and selfless service

  • Laying roots for the long-term vision of a multicultural church family
  • Giving 1000 hours to our city
  • Investing deeply in Lee High School
  • Laying a foundation for Adoption/Foster Care

Developing people and systems

  • Creating streamlined leadership development processes
  • Identifying, inspiring, equipping, and appointing leaders

Determining to act in bold faith

  • We won't be afraid to ask for much from God
  • We won't settle for anything less than courageous moves that require faith
  • We won't rely on natural abilities; but firmly believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives

Honored to be your pastor.