Five Things I Want Everyone At TDC To Know This Week

1. Men's Intensive

Next Tuesday, we'll kick off our second round of Men's Intensive on Biblical Manhood. Pastor Jeth and I will cover five things we think every man should frame his vision for life around according to biblical mandates for our role. You'll need to fill out the application online before next week. 

2. Come Sit With Me

I heard a story yesterday, from someone who came to church because she saw a member of our church's Facebook post about "come to sit with me." She got a text the night before and asked if she'd be at church. Her friend came because of a simple invitation. Who are you bringing to church and into your life this week?

3. Men Aspire for 1 Timothy 3

Gentlemen, yesterday I tasked every man in our church to start reading 1 Timothy 3. This is your aspiration for your life now. I want every man in our church to aspire to be a man of character that qualifies you for being in elder in the church. Spend some time reading and reflecting on where you stand in comparison, and start asking Jesus to shape you. 

4. Celebrate Giving  

In the month of January, you guys gave above and beyond in your generosity. We had our highest monthly giving ever in the history of our church! A lot of you started giving for the first time, many people started giving again, and we praise God for your belief in what Jesus is doing here! 

5. Celebrate Life Stories of life change

Yesterday, I was able to talk with a guy who came to our church and said how much the church is impacting him. God is at work in his heart. He said, "I think I'm an agnostic, but not sure what I believe now." 

Pastor Boyd Bettis