Whenever and Wherever: New Preaching Campaign

Church family, 

I’ve personally loved preaching through the book of Acts. The last two series have been my personal favorites. On March 13th, we’ll start working our way through Acts 16-18, which is known as the start of the Apostle Paul’s 2nd missionary journey. 

What we’ll find is that despite circumstances, changes to plans, opposition and persecution, the agenda for Paul stayed the same and adapted. He was always focused on making disciples wherever God had him and whenever God gave him opportunities. I’m praying for our church family that we’ll get convicted about the places and opportunities God has given to us, and that we'll take action! 

One of the greatest sins I believe our generation will be held accountable for as disciples, will be the lack of engagement and initiative to do life with the people who live the closest to us.

We’ll realize that our sin was not the offense of our neighbors, but our sin of preference in who we choose to do life with. God put people within a few feet of our front doors and offices, and yet we never cross streets, comforts, and cultures because of our own preferences. 

So, I’m praying that we’ll leverage everything Jesus has given to us for the sake of more people hearing and responding to the good news! 

Go ahead and start reading Acts 16-18 over this next week to get ready for our series. 

Honored to be your pastor,