Five Things To Know This Week

Leadership Advance

This Sunday night we have our spring Leadership Advance. I’m pretty excited to kick off our first ever District 101 Class! This is going to be our crash course on everything you need to know about our church culture. We believe it’s critical for you to know why and how we do things. If you serve at our church or would like to start serving, you will all be asked to go through District 101. 

Easter Baptism

Been a joy to see names come across my desk of people wanting to get baptized on Easter Sunday! If you would like to get baptized on Easter, let us know! 

Sit With Me

During our Whenever and Wherever series, I’m going to keep challenging you to think about the people in your life you need to share the gospel with. An easy way to invite people to church is to simply ask, “come sit with me.” Our team made some cards for you to use to invite people with. 

Core Value: Live on Mission Intentionally

One of our responses to the gospel is to live on mission intentionally. I want you to have a mindset that you are sent by Jesus to our city to make disciples. Read and respond to Jeremiah 29:4-7. What does it mean for you to plant deep roots and make disciples in our city? 

Do Something

What are you going to do now? I closed my sermon with that question this Sunday. What is one thing you are going to do in response to the gospel? Pick something and do it!