Five Things To Know This Week

Easter - Sit With Me

I'm so excited about Easter this year. I'm going to be preaching about how the resurrection changes everything for us! The majority of us live our lives controlled by fear and often forget the implications of the gospel. Spend some time either in person or on social media inviting people to come sit with you for Easter! 

3rd Birthday

I can't believe we'll be celebrating our 3rd birthday the weekend following Easter. The Lord has been so gracious to us in three short years. The great news is we are just getting started as we lay the foundation for the mission and vision of The District Church. I don't think I've ever been this excited about the direction and things that our happening! 


I love Baptism Sundays! We get to see people respond in obedience to the gospel by declaring their faith in Jesus. There is something about these Sundays that just gets me excited! We will celebrate baptism on Easter. If you would like to take your Next Step and be baptized, sign-up this week!

Facebook Live

Pastor Jeth and I have been trying out using the Facebook Live feature. We are streaming live every Tuesday at 4pm. We'll talk through sermon recaps, action steps, and things going on in the life of The District Church.

Praying for your Friends

Your staff and I are praying for your friends that you want to see meet Jesus. Praying for you to have confidence in the gospel to share your life and hope with them. Let us know how we can be praying for your friends who you are inviting to come sit with you. Send us an email ( or message us on Facebook.