Five Things To Know This Week

Easter Photo Essay

Easter was a great day celebrating with our church family! Stop by the blog to check out a photo essay from our gathering!

Year Three

This Sunday, we'll celebrate our 3rd year of ministry here in the city of Jacksonville. As we continue planting our church, I'm excited to see what Jesus continues to do over the next several years. We'll also, hang out afterwards with an old school church potluck! Bring a chair or blanket to sit on and sign-up to bring something to the potluck!


I seriously love Sunday's when we baptize people. I love hearing stories of how God is at work in people. If you missed hearing Karla's story, you can watch here

 Live on Mission 

As we consider what our next year of ministry is going to look like, I have a deep sense of conviction and passion for seeing the gospel transform lives, families, and our city through you and I getting very intentional about how we live our lives. My hope is that so many of you who call our church home will see how great the gospel really is and that it will drive you towards mission. 

Community GROUPS

As we get back into Whenever and Wherever this week, I'd encourage you to join a Community Group if you haven't already. Groups are like families that meet during the week to start putting some feet to what was preached on Sunday.