Noah's Wife Joan of Arc and Stirring Affections

Apparently, surprises aren't just for birthday parties, scaring isn't just for Halloween, and mourning shouldn't just occur in times of loss. You are likely to wonder what would stir such an array of emotions and it can be credited to this line in an article I was reading,

12% of adults believe Joan of Arc was Noah's wife.

We live in a world that is growing more and more biblically illiterate. The unfortunate reality is the gap doesn't close much within the context of the local church. The majority of Christians only read or open their Bible once a week, and that one time being Sunday. Christians are just as biblically uninformed as those who are not. I'm bothered, broken, and burdened by this more than the upcoming presidential election; something needs to be done.

Biblical illiteracy is a problem I cannot solve, because I'm not Jesus. Nevertheless, it's issue as a Pastor that I cannot not ignore. I believe one of the main reasons why people do not read the Bible is they have really never been taught how. I've experienced this first hand with people who have been Christians and part of a church for years, that never been shown how to read the Bible. This led us to offer a tool to equip people.

Starting in May, we will be offering a 4-week intensive on the discipline of studying the scriptures, called Stirring Affections. Stirring Affections will be an opportunity to be equipped with some great tools to aid in studying the Bible and learn to savor all the more grace of God and His character. It is with great joy and eager anticipation to see the fruit bore in the lives of people who participate. Our hope is disciples would fall more enamored and excited in knowing more fully the God who saves, is saving, and will save. If you are interested in joining us, please take a moment and complete the form below.