Our Gods of Lesser Glory

New Sermon Series beginning May 8th

Our Gods of Lesser Glory -- every one of us has this issue, we settle for gods of lesser glory. I’m not talking specifically about other religions in this context. I’m talking about our own idolatry that puts us into slavery when we have a greater glory and hope in Jesus. We settle for and seek things to give us only what God can really bring to us. But, based upon what is true about us, we can’t see it. 

In our hearts, we are prone to wonder - one thing to the next
In our minds, we are far wiser than we really are - wise in our own eyes and hate authority
In our lives, we are in constant pursuit of what Solomon wrote - chasing after the wind

Often, what we think we need is just what we want. Because of our idolatry, it is hard for us to see that God intends for us to find our greatest joy and freedom in Him. We are captivated and controlled by our idols and keep thinking that one day they will come through for us, but as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:2,

“Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!”

(Every pursuit under heaven is meaningless...I’ve had it all, there is nothing new under the sun…I’ve tasted the best, I had more sexual encounters, I’ve built a name for myself, I’ve read and expounded in more wisdom, I’ve done it all…it will bring no greater fulfillment) 

Solomon is describing idolatry - our gods of lesser glory. 
Solomon concluded Ecclesiastes with the statement, "fear God and keep his commandments…” 
There is freedom in submission and trust. Everything else will fail, but oh what great joy there is for those who will trust God in all He promises

During this series, I’m praying that we find our great joy and treasure in Jesus. That we start believing that God is all we need and our hearts would not be captivated by anything less than His glory. 

Pastor Boyd Bettis