More Than Just Preachers

Sunday, I introduced our new series, ‘our gods of lesser glory’, and spoke briefly on the ministry of Priscilla and Aquila. Paul met this couple in the city of Corinth and they moved with him to Ephesus to help start new churches. They uprooted their lives to a new city, culture, and way of life in order to advance the gospel.  

The vision for our church from day one has been to be a church that would plant churches that plant churches. I’m praying for the day we see hundreds of people come across the stages of our churches that are being sent out to plant new churches.  

I’m praying for the church planters we’ll equip and develop. 
I’m praying for the staff members we’ll send out. 
I’m praying for the ‘Priscilla’s and Aquila’s’ that we’ll send out with planters.  


It’s going to take more than just preachers to plant churches.  
Pray with me for the Lord to move on our behalf in the raising up and sending out of people.  


May God richly and deeply convict our people of the great need to plant the gospel in more and more cities.