Meet Pastor Cam Triggs!

This summer, we are excited to begin partnering with Pastor Cam Triggs as he and his family prepare to plant a church in the heart of Orlando. He is being sent out from Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist here in Jax and will begin a 9 month residency program at The Summit Church before moving to Orlando.

We count it a great honor to be able partner with others who are responding in obedience to Jesus to see lives changed by the gospel. Pastor Cam joins us below to share his heart for Orlando and why God is calling them to plant in the Beautiful City. We are excited for him to be with us at TDC in a few months, so mark your calendars for November 27th!

From Pastor Cam:  

Without the Gospel, we are bound to live a life of endless yet vain pursuits of joy. That is exactly why we are starting a new church in the "happiest place in the world." When people say Orlando, some automatically think of magical kingdoms and enchanted castles. However, recent national news shows us a very disillusioned vision of what Orlando really is facing as the Beautiful City. 3.5 million out of 4 million people are unchurched in the Central Florida area. Some stats predict 86% are not connected to a local church at all. Those may seem like impersonal numbers, but those numbers include precious people created in God's Image who need to desperately hear about the radical grace of God.

Specifically, my family and I feel called to an urban/inner city context in Orlando. A context that is beautifully diverse, dense with potential, and ripe for gospel-centered mission. We are going to a context battling the false prosperity gospel, intense spiritual warfare, and systemic poverty. That's exciting. Why?! Because the darker the context, the brighter the gospel will shine.

I am thankful for Pastor Boyd Bettis and The District Church. Their willingness to support us has been a true encouragement to take Jesus to the heart of Orlando. I simply ask that you keep my family in prayer, be watchful for updates, and be prepared to celebrate with us as we witness the Gospel win and bring true joy to the happiest place on earth.