Four Hopes: By Design Preaching Campaign

From September 11th through November 20th, we are taking a break from the Book of Acts to walk through a preaching campaign titled “By Design.” So much of our lives are tied to our gender, identity and sexuality. We haven’t seen such a stark sexual revolution since the 1960s. My hope is to bring clarity about sexuality, identity and gender roles by walking through God’s beautiful design for men and women. I’ve listed four hopes that I have for this campaign and ask that you pray alongside me as we walk through these difficult, controversial and often misunderstood concepts on sexuality. 

  1. A greater trust in God’s design for masculinity, femininity, identity and sexuality by studying Biblical text for clarity on God’s design for humanity. 
  2. An outpouring of God’s grace, for those wounded by sexual sin, by finding hope in the Gospel as it frees from condemnation, shame and guilt. 
  3. A safe environment for candid conversation through our Missional Communities and Forums for dialogue about sexuality and identity ideas which can be divisive, even within our Evangelical world. 
  4. A redemptive work within people by seeing both how tied their lives are to sexuality and how sexual decisions are affecting the individual and partner, alike. 

During this campaign, I’ll preach through some of following big ideas:  

  • The Imago Dei and Ex Nihilo - God’s creation of humanity
  • Men and Women’s design - Roles, Gender, and Responsibilities 
  • Men and Women’s pain - Results of the fall of mankind and sin
  • The Distortion of Beauty - The greater issue of pornography 
  • The gospel for the homosexual and homophobic
  • The dignity and hope for being single - Why marriage is not the pinnacle of Christianity 
  • God’s design for marriage and relationships - What is the meaning of Marriage?
  • The effects of God’s grace for the sexually broken - Why is sexual sin such a big deal? 

I covet your prayers as I study and prepare for what is going to be a redemptive and difficult Preaching Campaign. 

Honored to be your pastor, 

Pastor Boyd