Joyful Sojourners Are Called To Action

Sunday, I preached 1 Peter 1:13-25. In this text, Peter gave his readers a call to action. His basis of this exhortation was built on the first 12 verses of the chapter. In the opening verses, he built a case that during their trials as scattered people living as foreigners in new cities to not forget the powerful work of the gospel. As we reflect on the gospel, it moves us to action. As we take action, my desire for us is to live in response to the gospel. I’m exhorting our church family to model and demonstrate these characteristics. I want our church family to see and be the following: 

We are people full of hope in Jesus. This is a decision to prepare our minds — that our hope is fixated only on and in Jesus because he is always faithful. Even when we experience trials, we don’t waiver in our confidence and hope in Jesus. 

We are a people who pursue holiness. This is our decision to make war with our sin and submit ourselves to Jesus daily so that he can transform our hearts and lives in a way that is a reflection of his character. I stated that holiness starts with God and not us. Too many times when we look at God’s command for us to pursue holiness, we look for the lines we aren’t allow to cross rather than look at his holiness that should create a healthy fear and reverence of him.

We are a ransomed and redeemed people. Jesus was our ransom. I asked, how much did our salvation cost us? It cost us nothing, but it cost Jesus everything. He was the payment provided that freed us from the penalty of sin and he is redeeming our lives, giving them purpose in light of eternity. 

We are a people called to lavishly love one another. Our motivation for our love for one another comes from our hope in Jesus, the pursuit of holiness, and our understanding of the ransom paid for us. When we see how good and kind God has been to us, it demands of us the lowering of ourselves and creates the ability to love others freely as Jesus loves us.