Goal Setting Basics

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On Sunday, I mentioned a little about the basics of goal setting. Here are a couple things I use to help me along the way and I thought would be useful for you as you set your 2017 goals: 

1. SMART Goal Formatting. Set goals with the parameters of SMART Goals. Here’s a document you can use to help write your goals in this format. The basics of your goal writing needs to be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and have a Timeframe/deadline. 
Stop Doing List. Everything I say ‘yes’ to means I’m saying ‘no’ to something else. So, as you look at your 2017 goals there are things you want to start doing, but you’ll need to figure out also what you’ll stop doing. 

2. Keep your ‘WHY’ front and center behind your goals. What is the motivation and drive to keep you inspired when things get tough?

3. Retreat time to evaluate. I started a new annual rhythm that I’ll use to help me on track with my goals. Monthly, quarterly and annually — I’ve calendared a day or two to get away to evaluate and reflect on my goals. I think this is critical and you can get creative with how to do this.

4. Get community around yourself. The problem with most of us, is we attempt to meet our goals without anyone to support, encourage, and coach us along the way. Find some people to help you accomplish your goals!

5. Celebrate Small Wins. One of my biggest challenges with my goals is I get too ambitious and discouraged too quickly. I had to relearn how to enjoy the process of the journey of accomplishing goals. Set for yourself smaller goals within your larger goals. Celebrate and celebrate…celebrate progress and milestones. You’ll enjoy the journey more and the process will be more rewarding.